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The number 4 is a huge and crucial plateau, where – in LOTS of cases – pieces and parts can begin working together, as unified systems and structures that can do things that none of those parts can do, alone. As just one example, it is entirely possible to build cars that have only 3 wheels; however, you'll almost never see those, driving down a highway at 70 miles/hour. Instead, there is something about the design of cars, with four wheels located near the corners, to stabilize them, that makes them far more stable, safe, and able to do things that 3-wheeled cars simply cannot do.

In a similar manner, it is no mere coincidence that ALL higher animals that live on dry ground (with the sole exception of snakes) have exactly FOUR major limbs. When weird types of fish began crawling out of the water, and crossing dry ground to get to different bodies of water, the ones that could crawl and move most rapidly, and efficiently, had two bottom fins near the front, and two bottom fins near the back. That four-fin arrangement evolved, over hundreds of millions of years, into the combinations that exist in nature, today, of: (i) fore-limbs and hind-limbs; (ii) wings and feet; and, (iii) arms and legs.
If you can figure out and understand how and why triangles and tetrahedrons are the strongest and most stable 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes that can possibly exist, in the universe as we know it – and can figure out how to use 3-part and 4-part structures in your life, outlook, and relationships – and can understand the 1-2-∑(sigma)-∆(delta) system (and, in particular, if you will learn to respect, appreciate, and actively encourage, fertilize, and cultivate the ∆ (delta) parts of life) – then you will be better able to understand nature, and systems, and structures – and, as well, relationships between people, and what you can do, in your own life, to co-exist and live more happily, with people who are different from you.

The things in this site are about systems, structures, and principles that don't really change. As such, this site is intended to accompany, and provide support for, a second site which hopefully will become active in 2024, since it is about politics. It's about something called `The Two Party Party', and it addresses issues such as:
         (1) the extremely destructive tendencies of both main parties to treat the most angry, divisive, polarizing, and hateful issues, not as problems to be solved, but as a sources of hot steam, which can be exploited, abused, and milked, to help incumbents get re-elected;
         (2) the need for both parties to move away from nominating processes which become intensely offensive and aggressive `last man standing' battles, which extremists use to drive away any moderates, and then control the decisions after the moderates have left;
         (3) the need for both parties to begin nominating more moderate, centrist, problem-solving candidates who will work and negotiate with the other party, and who can appeal to the large mass of voters in the central hump of the classic `bell curve'; and,
         (4) practical and feasible methods and tactics which voters and taxpayers can use, to begin pulling both of the two main parties back toward the middle, where they need to be, in order to solve the very real and severe problems that are facing America, today.

The address of that website is,  and the button below will take anyone directly to it.

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