The number 4 is a huge and crucial plateau, where -- in LOTS of cases -- pieces and parts can begin working together, as unified systems and structures that can do things that none of those parts can do, alone. As just one example, it is entirely possible to build cars that have only 3 wheels; however, you'll almost never see those, driving down a highway at 70 miles/hour. Instead, there is something about the design of cars, with four wheels located near the corners, to stabilize them, that makes them far more stable, safe, and able to do things that 3-wheeled cars simply cannot do.
In a similar manner, it is no mere coincidence that ALL higher animals that live on dry ground (with the sole exception of snakes) have exactly FOUR major limbs. When weird types of fish began crawling out of the water, and crossing dry ground to get to different bodies of water, the ones that could crawl and move most rapidly, and efficiently, had two bottom fins near the front, and two bottom fins near the back. That four-fin arrangement evolved, over hundreds of millions of years, into the combinations that exist in nature, today, of: (i) fore-limbs and hind-limbs; (ii) wings and feet; and, (iii) arms and legs.
If you can figure out and understand how and why triangles and tetrahedrons are the strongest and most stable 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes that can possibly exist, in the universe as we know it -- and can figure out how to use 3-part and 4-part structures in your life, outlook, and relationships -- and can understand the 1-2-∑(sigma)-∆(delta) system (and, in particular, if you will learn to respect, appreciate, and actively encourage, fertilize, and cultivate the ∆ (delta) parts of life) -- then you will be better able to understand nature, and systems, and structures -- and, as well, relationships between people, and what you can do, in your own life, to co-exist and live more happily, with people who are different from you.

This site is not intended to be simple and easy. Instead, it's going to introduce some complex and challenging ideas, very much on purpose. The hope is, this effort can help create a stable and unchanging foundation, which will be able to help support active and always-changing efforts to do other things -- including, creating something called THE TWO-PARTY PARTY -- which will be a third political party, which will be specifically designed and intended to PREVENT the emergence of any third political parties, in the United States.
Is that a paradox?
And, the fact that it is, indeed, an outright paradox, apparently has prevented anyone from realizing -- until now -- that it probably offers the single best (and possibly last) hope that the American people have, for restoring, repairing, restructuring, and returning our two-party system back to a condition and level of functioning properly, and effectively, once again.

By giving centrists, moderates, problem-solvers, and the middle-class, a way to coordinate their efforts and act as a group, to offer support for Democrats and Republicans who will commit to begin working with each other, again, in ways that respect rather than exploit the middle class, and in ways that can address and handle various types of divisive, polarizing, antagonizing, and previously- unsolvable arguments, so that actual problems, which have actual solutions, can be solved.
By contrast, recognize that every time a THIRD party has gained enough support and power to actually change the outcome of a major election, it has always -- ALWAYS!! -- ended up creating the exact OPPOSITE result, from what its members and supporters said they wanted. A classic example is Ross Perot, in the 1992 election. As a third-party candidate who appealed to conservatives, he siphoned off enough votes from the OTHER conservative -- George Bush Senior -- to hand the election to the liberal (i.e., Bill Clinton). Indeed, one can make a strong argument, based on both logic and history, that THAT was when the era of truly divisive, polarized, antagonistic government began -- when groups of conservatives began to believe and conclude that their rights, their goals, their hard work, and their participation in our government, had all been failed, and even betrayed, by a faulty and badly flawed American political system, which needed to be "fixed" so that it would not let them down again.
Want another example? Eight years later, in the 2000 election, when Ralph Nader ran as a candidate who appealed to liberals and environmentalists, he siphoned off enough votes from Al Gore, the other liberal/environmentalist, to hand the election to George Bush Junior -- who then did pretty much the exact opposite of what the Nader voters wanted.
Logic and history both suggest -- and even prove -- that whenever a THIRD party gets started, and gets enough attention, support, and votes to actually change the outcome of an election,  then that third party will -- always and inevitably -- suction and siphon off the most votes, from whichever of the Democratic or Republican candidates the third party is CLOSER to -- thereby greatly increasing the chance that the third party will end up causing and creating the exact OPPOSITE of what its supporters actually want. That is the essence and nature of how third parties act, and what they actually do.
Furthermore, third parties are profoundly ANTI-DEMOCRACY, in their very nature. The ultimate dream, wish, and fantasy of any third-party "leader" is to have the two MAIN parties evenly divided, such as with 48% support for each of them, so that -- with only 4% support from the actual public!! -- the THIRD party will have control over, and a veto power over, any major decisions that need to be made.
That's not a good system, and we need to figure out a way to do better. This author (and scientist, engineer, lawyer, and patent lawyer) believes that the best possible hope, for actual, practical and effective answers, lies within a paradox -- something that can be called "The TWO-PARTY Party". It will be a THIRD political party, which is specifically designed to strengthen and support an effective TWO-party system. It will need to appeal to, and be made up of, centrists, moderates, problem-solvers, and middle-class people, who will work to bring the two MAIN parties back toward the center, where they will BOTH have to do more to actually solve problems, begin trying to bring the national debt under control, and actually help the middle class, if they want the support of "The Two-Party Party" and its supporters.

Those are complex and challenging goals, which will be constantly changing and adapting, as events and circumstances lead to whatever way the 2020 elections will play out. Therefore, THIS site is intended to help support, nurture, and fertilize those OTHER efforts, while setting aside a certain batch of relatively stable and unchanging "foundation/starting point" info, in THIS website (i.e.,

But, hey -- this site also is about teaching and helping people -- regardless of whether they are interested in politics -- to identify, analyze, and then adapt and use a number of crucially, critically important patterns and principles that occur in nature, which enable nature, reality, and technology to work better. Anyone who begins to notice and understand those patterns, will be able to figure out how to use them -- not just to help themselves, but to also help others, as well.

If you're interested in any of the above, I'm delighted you're here.
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