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Returning again to this depiction of a tetraheed,
I want to use it to make one more point worth noting. If you have TWO things, then – almost always – you will actually have FOUR things.
The FIRST thing is represented by the "1", in the drawing. Using the same example from the previous pages, it can be the guy, who is dating the lady. He will still be an individual – a complete person.
The SECOND thing will be the OTHER person in that relationship (the lady, to continue that example). She, also, will still be an individual. A complete and entire person.
The THIRD part, is the sigma. The sum. The couple, pair, family, partnership, company, or whatever it should be called. As described above, that entity becomes a new and distinct entity, which will be different – as an entity in its own right – from either/any of the people who created it when they began working together.
And the FOURTH part is the delta. The DIFFERENCE between them. If given the respect (and encouragement, and fertilizing) that it deserves, THAT part of the structure/system can and should be regarded as a fourth crucial and absolutely essential component, which enables the entire system/structure to work properly.
This point feeds directly into the concept of The Two-Party Party,
which is described in more detail in a different website, at (a button, to go to that site, is provided below)
Instead of thinking of the Democratic and Republican parties in terms such as, "One is good, and one is bad," (which is, it should be noted, one of the few things that both liberals AND conservatives usually agree on), voters and citizens would be better served – which includes the concepts of, "better able to lead themselves, and better able to choose at least tolerable politicians who have at least some chance of helping and improving the entire country" – if they would begin thinking more in terms of:
1. Republicans are the way they are, which is some good, and some bad. So, the best way to get them to act in the best interests of the entire country, would be by adopting a certain set of attitudes, practices, and policies toward Republicans.
2. Democrats also are the way they are – which also means, some good, and some bad. So, the best way to get them to act in the best interests of the entire country, would be by adopting a different set of attitudes, practices, and policies toward Democrats.
3. For better or worse, the SIGMA part of politics – the SUM of what we get, when we combine and mix together both republicans and Democrats – is what we call "government". Or "Congress". And, that part is not working well, at all, these days. Or, these years. Or, these decades. So, instead of just playing into their hands, falling for their rhetoric and promises, and continuing to let them run up deficits and ignore major problems, the taxpayers and voters of America need to do something, to help us find ways to fix the "sigma" part of our damaged, leaking, and "listing" system of government ("listing" as in, like a boat that is tilting badly, at an angle, in the water).
4. One of the things that might help us find ways to begin repairing and restoring a balanced and functional (rather than divided, polarized, and antagonistic) two-party system, is by finding ways to see and understand the "delta" part of politics – i.e., the patterns of common differences between most Republicans, versus most Democrats – as one of the essential parts of the overall/total relationship, system, and structure. In the same way that good and skillful counseling or mediation often involves a counselor helping two angry combatants create a temporary truce, and at least TRY to understand how the OTHER person has come to interpret and respond to various irritants, a systematic and logical approach to the problem of polarized, divided, and antagonistic governance, by skilled and insightful people who have come to recognize how the principles of nature and reality, the inherent strengths and stability of triangles and tetrahedrons, and insights into tetraheed perspectives and the 1-2-∑-∆  concept, can give us potentially good and useful guidance, in how to make things work better. If more and more people begin to recognize how and why certain things and certain designs actually work, in nature and in reality – and in logical and well-designed structures and systems – they might begin to demand that politicians start showing more respect for those types of principles, and for the lessons, examples, and guidance of reality, rather than rhetoric.
So . . . this entire website is largely intended to provide a logical, step-by-step description of a starting point, an underlying theory,  and foundation, to support and help – here's an oxymoron, for anyone who can either appreciate it, or at least bring a touch of sardonic/sarcastic attitude to it – "better politics". Because that is what we need, to get better government, a better nation, a better world, and a better chance to survive the catastrophes hurtling at us at high speed, due to global warming, climate change, and sea-level rise.





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