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What can triangles teach us about relationships between people?
Well, suppose two people (assume female (F) and male (M), for simpler abbreviations) are dating, and getting more interested in each other, and beginning to wonder where this relationship is going to lead, and whether it might be serious, and lasting.
Or, suppose two people (1, and 2) are thinking about forming some kind of business partnership, because each one can do certain things that the other needs help with.
At that stage, they have become connected to each other, and the connection is real.
But, it is not yet stable.
A drawing which can depict the relationship at this stage is:
There is indeed a connection here. But at this stage, it can be more risky, dangerous, and destructive, than helpful. Put a finger or hand between those two pieces, and then squeeze the ends toward each other. You can pinch, badly hurt, and maybe even break that finger or hand. The same with a heart, a dream, a hope, and a willingness (on either side) to share, care, and become a better person.
So . . . how can those two people make that relationship better, stronger, more stable, happier, and more productive and fulfilling . . . if that's what they both want?
Click on to the next page, and remember the part about how triangles are the strongest and most stable 2-dimensional shapes and structures that can possibly exist in this universe.
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