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This website was created by a scientist/engineer, inventor, attorney, and patent attorney, to try to help people notice, recognize, and learn to interpret and understand what a number of important patterns and principles, in nature, can teach us, in terms of how to plan, design, build, and run various types of structures and systems that need to somehow improve upon what we're struggling with, today. It will start with basic geometric and design principles, and then build on those, to show how relationships, politics, and government can all be improved, by knowing (and using) what works best and most efficiently, in reality and nature. 

This shapes/structures above are called "tetrahedrons". That shape -- made of four triangles, all connected together, in a shape like a pyramid but with a triangular base -- is the strongest and most stable 3-dimensional shape that can possibly exist, in the universe as we know it.

For reasons which defy logic and common sense, it also is the shape of certain atoms, including carbon - the building block of all life - and silicon - the foundation of electronics, computers, and artificial intelligence.

This website will explain how, and why.

The goal of this website (and of the author, who became an environmental engineer, because he wanted to use his science and math skills to help clean up pollution, and make the world a better place) is to help anyone who visits this site, to begin developing a better and more insightful set of tools (and tricks), to help them figure things out better, and help them make good and useful things that – if designed properly – will have a better chance of succeeding, helping more people, and lasting longer.

By the way -- the author leads a quiet and happy private life, and hopes to keep it that way, at least a bit longer. So, for now, he has chosen to use a pen name, or stage name, or internet name, or whatever anyone might prefer to call it, for the work described in this website. That name is "Sherwood B. Nice", chosen because it sounds exactly like the phrase, "Sure would be nice . . ." For anyone who tries, it will be easy enough to track down his private/personal name; so, it's not like it's a secret. Instead, it is simply a request that people (especially trolls, hate-mongers, etc.) at least try to show at least some level of respect, for his right to retain at least some of his private/personal life, even as he tries to move into the arena of public activity.

Okay . . . with that as preface, please get started, because time is running out before our society, and all human civilization, will begin to face – in deadly seriousness – the problems that are going to begin growing and multiplying into never-before-seen levels, because of a severely threatening (and potentially catastrophic) combination of (1) climate change, over-population, species extinctions, and other worldwide problems, coupled with (2) dysfunctional governments, divided societies, and lack of preparation.

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